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Make things happen. It’s simple.

Our user-friendly web and mobile apps help keep the communication simple, secure, and convenient for everyone involved.

Make communication simpler with easy Workspace

Create a virtual workspace for your team, vendors or clients, and bring together all the parties. Workspace gives you a secure place to communicate, store and share documents, and archive closed deals.

Connect to the systems you’re using today

Get free from hustle, seamlessly integrate with leading cloud services and access all your documents on the fly – text, comments, pictures – Mokloud can find just about anything in your accounts.

Take control

You set who has visibility in your workspace and determine who can take action. It’s easy to monitor the status of all your active communications through real-time activity logs.

Smart Notifications to keep you in loop

You’ll know where things stand wherever you are, Get instant notifications to keep you on top of things that matter to you most.

Retain workspaces as long as you need to

Tidy up your workspace without missing out on your data, Mokloud lets you archive important workspaces so you can refer them whenever you need to.

Timing is everything

Getting connected with multiple parties, sharing critical documents, and keeping people on one single page can be a challenge when everything has to happen now. With Mokloud, you’re covered. Keep your work organized and the deal moving smoothly from wherever you are.

A competitive edge
All files stored in the Cloud

Search through all the Files

Share with anyone you work

It’s secure

As the world becomes more digital, protecting personal information is more important than ever. We take great steps to ensure your data is safe and secure. No other Digital Transaction Management (DTM) company can match the enterprise security investments we’ve made.




It’s flexible

Work the way you need to. Mokloud is a flexible solution that allows you to work with your clients, partners, and employees in many ways. Whether you’re 100% digital or just getting started with moving to a paperless workflow, you can manage transactions quickly and easily.

AES 256 Encryption

Two factor Authentication

Secure Storage and Backups

It’s supported

From helpful online resources featuring user guides and video tutorials to a dedicated support staff you can call or email, we’re here for you every step of the way. We also feature Mokloud APIs, an in-depth API resource center that can help you get the most out of your enterprise application connections.

Crafted with amazing features

Ready to start!... Simple, effective and easy to use

Notifications in Cards

Get notified on what's most important from your content, contacts and workspaces.

Business Rules

Classify all your incoming documents, files, attachments from different people or sources.

Offline File Access

Choose which files you want to download and use when in Airplane Mode.

Contact Timeline

Check history of all workspaces, file collaborations and emails happened with contacts.


Organize your team conversations in workspaces for a project, topic or crm opportunity.

Deep Search

Deep search in workspaces, notification cards, excel, word documents, Google docs, and more.

It’s a complete system

For a better way to manage communication at your work, trust Mokloud. It’s easy to get started.

Access to our APIs

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